Strategic Consulting

Sport Consult .PRO, as a branch of Top-Sports Promotion, specialises in providing services for major & high level sport projects for the development of corporate business and to event management firms.

The structure work in the international field, focussing particularly on professional culture and high-level skills to develop a project from grassroats to world-class. Our services are exclusively tailored to each client in order to accomplish specific goals and achieve results.

Our teams are prepared to push boundaries, do what others say is not possible and, more importantly, give a solid return on investment to stakeholders (partners, customers, participants, host cities, guests, public and media). 

We maintain accountability of each element which permit clients to focus on their objectives, targets & goals knowing the details will be executed flawlessly. Whether it's creating new events or exploring new territories, Sport Consult. PRO is always looking beyond the horizon.

Sport Consult .PRO provides a clearing-house of technology, business and marketing processes that provide sports brands access to 'enterprise' level supporter marketing techniques and results. Our products are inter-changeable; what's right for one client is not necessarily the best solution for another.

Whether your plan wants hard-hitting visibility in the fast-paced world of World sports or timeless exposure within the bright lights of your projects, Sport Consult .PRO can get you there! Most of our high-profile realisations were created from grassroots and developed into World Class.